If you have hemorrhoids, Im sure that you already tried many hemorrhoidal solutions in the past. Did they work for you or not? Chances are, they didnt because you are here reading this report.

Today, Im going to share with you how these so-called wonder pills and creams work, how they intend to cure hemorrhoids, or reduce the pain, their controversies, and the real truth behind them.

The most popular way to reduce the swollen veins and pain is to use creams and ointments, which are topically applied to the affected area in the outer rectal region. They contain special ingredients that soothe away the pain by dwindling down the bulge. Creams and ointments undeniably work fast, but in a temporal manner, which means, at any given time, outbreaks could flare up once more.

Then we have the suppositories that are injected to the rectum. Once its inside, it melts down delivering lubricant that moisturizes the hemorrhoids. It also protects the piles from the next pressure buildup in the rectal canal. While most people will be relieved using suppositories, others simply dont feel any benefits from them.

The third remedy is the pills. They essentially regulate the blood pressure of your body, which subsequently, affect the hemorrhoids causing fewer problems to occur. Using pills has its benefits and side effects. In addition, dont be surprised if you see big pharmaceutical companies pushing them deliberately hard.

When all the non-invasive ways have failed, you may start looking for surgical methods such as cryotherapy, rubber band ligation, or incisions. Selection is a case-to-case basis, but, as always, its a good approach to try the safer ones first before choosing the extreme measures.

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