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Causes Of Panic Disorder – The Main Causes Of Panic Disorders

In order to understand Panic Disorder and ultimately the causes of panic disorder, one must know what a panic attack is. A panic attack is an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear. A panic attack happens when a fight-or-flight response, an instinctual response for survival in animals and humans, is activated when faced with a potentially dangerous situation.

While panic attacks, which usually last a few minutes before dissipating, are quite normal, a panic disorder is a much more serious case.

Panic Disorders

A Panic disorder is when a fight-or-flight response is triggered even when there is no impending danger. When a panic attack occurs repeatedly without reason, then it is a sign that one has panic disorder. The anxiety felt can be seen through physical symptoms such as troubled breathing, tightness in the chest, racing heartbeat or heart palpitations, sweating, nausea, dizziness, shaking and numbness.

Those who suffer from a panic disorder are constantly afraid of the next panic attack because of its spontaneous nature and would avoid any situation where help could be unavailable. People suffering from panic disorder usually have the beginnings of agoraphobia.

Causes Of Panic Disorder

It is unclear what the specific causes of panic disorder are, but the development of panic disorder can be attributed to a combination of biological and environmental factors.

The constant panic attacks are caused by an imbalance of the neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters help in the transmission of messages to the brain and with the imbalance, the reaction of the brain to certain situations are altered, causing a fight-or-flight response to be triggered even without reason.

Panic disorder can run in the family. Studies have shown that children who have parents who suffer from panic disorder are more likely to develop the disorder themselves. Studies have also shown that those who have depression or bipolar disorder are likely to have children who have a high risk of developing panic disorder too.

Causes of Panic disorder can also develop from environmental reasons.

It has been found that children who have been exposed to anxiety are likely to develop an anxiety disorder as well. An overprotective parenting style can also contribute to the development of the disorder. Life events that could cause severe stress could trigger the beginnings of this anxiety disorder. Symptoms of panic disorder could also begin to show during childhood, when the child experiences trauma or abuse during their formative years. Finally, panic disorder can be triggered by hypersensitivity to sensations that they believe are dangerous.

Whether biological or environmental, it is important to be aware of these causes of panic disorder as to prevent further development in an individual.

When it comes to treating panic disorder, working out the causes of it is one of the most important steps. Whether it be hereditary, an environmental issue or a social issue, working out the causes of your panic disorder is the first step towards treatment.

Symptoms Of Panic Attacks And Anxiety – What Are The Symptoms?

Unlike common diseases and disorders such as cancer, kidney failure, pneumonia, and others, panic attacks and anxiety are sometimes not given proper medical attention. This is because the sufferer is confused of his/her condition. Just like many other mental illnesses, these disorders are either unidentified or ignored.

However, these problems can have real negative effects on the lifestyle of an individual. The reason why most people do not receive medical attention is because they do not know the signs and symptoms. In this article, you will learn about the symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety to help you to identify them.

What is the difference between Panic Attacks and Anxiety?

Anxiety is a generally less serious mental condition. It can be due to emotional stresses such as separation and fear, or it could also be due to physical causes such as tiredness or injury. On the other hand, panic attacks are more severe especially in terms of symptoms. It is characterized by sudden attacks of unexplained fear and feeling of dying or going crazy. The experience can be very traumatic.

What are the signs and symptoms of Panic Attacks and Anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition that is often accompanied by depression, feeling of worthlessness, and fear. It may also make a person feel tired and drained of energy. Losing interest on things that a person usually goes frantic about is another sign. Panic attacks on the other hand are accompanied by palpitations, numbness, unexplained fear, feeling of dying, hot flashes, trembling of muscles, sweating, and choking. It usually lasts for a few minutes and can sometimes be longer.

Who can have panic attacks?

Panic attacks can be a sign of a serious mental illness. Experts believe that people who went through very traumatic experiences as kids are most likely to have episodes of panic attacks as adults, usually starting between ages 20 to 30. However, some experts in the field claim that panic attacks can also happen on individuals with completely healthy mental and emotional condition.

Do you have panic disorder?

Sometimes, a panic attack is a symptom to a more serious mental illness called panic disorder. While common panic attacks can be caused by a recent traumatic experience, a physical injury, or a serious health condition, if these possible causes are not present, then it is likely a panic disorder.

Where can you get help?

If you suspect that you have anxiety or panic disorder or are suffering from the signs and symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety, you would do well to consult a doctor immediately. A doctor can give a brief examinations and advise you with the right course of treatment.

My Personal Recommendation for Treating Hemorrhoids

If you have hemorrhoids, Im sure that you already tried many hemorrhoidal solutions in the past. Did they work for you or not? Chances are, they didnt because you are here reading this report.

Today, Im going to share with you how these so-called wonder pills and creams work, how they intend to cure hemorrhoids, or reduce the pain, their controversies, and the real truth behind them.

The most popular way to reduce the swollen veins and pain is to use creams and ointments, which are topically applied to the affected area in the outer rectal region. They contain special ingredients that soothe away the pain by dwindling down the bulge. Creams and ointments undeniably work fast, but in a temporal manner, which means, at any given time, outbreaks could flare up once more.

Then we have the suppositories that are injected to the rectum. Once its inside, it melts down delivering lubricant that moisturizes the hemorrhoids. It also protects the piles from the next pressure buildup in the rectal canal. While most people will be relieved using suppositories, others simply dont feel any benefits from them.

The third remedy is the pills. They essentially regulate the blood pressure of your body, which subsequently, affect the hemorrhoids causing fewer problems to occur. Using pills has its benefits and side effects. In addition, dont be surprised if you see big pharmaceutical companies pushing them deliberately hard.

When all the non-invasive ways have failed, you may start looking for surgical methods such as cryotherapy, rubber band ligation, or incisions. Selection is a case-to-case basis, but, as always, its a good approach to try the safer ones first before choosing the extreme measures.

As a hemorrhoid sufferer myself, Ive dug deeper to find the safest and most effective way to treat myself. I found the H Miracle system. It worked for me in less than 48 hours, not weeks!

The good news is that not only a few individuals tried and tested this approach. In fact, millions of people were relieved after following the details contained in this amazing eBook. You can call it an old-fashion technique, but hey, if it worked for me, it will work for you as well.

This is a complete system. The guidelines are not purely based on untested methods, fictional stories or hearsay. You can actually see how it benefited people based on their own stories. In minutes, you will learn how to treat hemorrhoids using charts, audio lessons, and other valuable insights not available anywhere on the Internet. Dont waste your time and money trying one product after another without reading this great eBook. Be treated with your hemorrhoids today using the H Miracle system.

Top Effective Hemorrhoid Creams

One way to reduce the discomforts brought about by hemorrhoids is to use a hemorrhoid cream. In general, there are two types of creams at your disposal: the one prescribed by your doctor and those you can buy over-the-counter. If your hemorrhoid problem is rather mild, over-the-counter creams will work just fine; otherwise, consult your doctor for a more potent medication.

With so many brands out there, trial and error seems to be the norm these days. The list could go on forever, and failure to find the right cream the soonest means that you are going to waste your money down the drain with these so-called wonder creams. Steps To Take When Evaluating a Hemorrhoid Cream

Over-the-counter creams are just as effective as the prescribed ones. Pick those that contain hydrocortisone like the Preparation H, which can reduce the swelling, itchiness, and irritation. Creams provide immediate but temporary relief. If you are interested to remove them permanently, look for rubber band ligation or infrared treatment methods.

The price of these creams should range anywhere between $3 and $20 or so. You will get instant relief without having to spend a fortune. Creams are good for external hemorrhoids or those that come out from the anal canal. A topical cream is not intended to treat internal hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoids should be approached with care, so the best option is to ask your surgeon for proper medication.

Weve managed to pick three of the best hemorrhoids creams on the market. All were amazing and the results were pretty quick. Natures Inventory Hemorrhoid Heal Wellness oil soothes away the pain and swelling. It works its wonders right after the first application. Its all-natural and organic, so no appalling side effects will be felt. Second was the King Bio Hemorrhoid Relief. Its excellent in reducing the swelling and pain associated with piles. It also helps your body heal itself, which subsequently, speeds up the healing process. The last one was Hel-BHIs Hemorrhoid. This is in the tablet form, but works just as effective as the topical creams, though, since it is taken orally, the effects were a bit slower. Combining tablets with creams have proved beneficial and highly encouraged.

Using hemorrhoid creams are effective against swelling, irritation, and discomfort. They serve as the first line of defense until the final cure would arrive. If you are suffering recurring outbreaks, always keep a topical cream with you at all times. If you see streaks of blood on your toilet paper, itchiness around your anus, or pain when passing stools, you may have hemorrhoids already. Dont laugh at it because its not a laughing matter. Get help today and get rid of hemorrhoid for the last time.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoid surgery is required for severe cases. Sometimes, dealing with hemorrhoids using home remedies and pain relievers would no longer suffice. The first step is to educate yourself what type of surgery to take. Your doctor or surgeon should be able to explain to you how the procedure is to be carried out, what to expect from the procedure, and so forth.

Hemorrhoid surgery involves the removal of hemorrhoids through medical intervention. That way, you can be sure that it wont simply be like relieving the pain or shrinking its size, but instead, a complete removal.

Surgery can be as intimidating as it can be, but, on the other hand, it might be the only solution to solve your case. The advances of modern medicine and hemorrhoid treatment make it a safe procedure, conducted each day, throughout the world. What you need to know, however, are the things to expect when you get out of the operating room.

After Hemorrhoid Surgery

The pain after the operation is the main concern of many people. Now, it is important to note that there are different kinds of hemorrhoid surgery, and the pain you will experience is totally dependent on the type of surgery you have undergone. Laser removal of your hemorrhoids is the least painful and offers the quickest recovery. After surgery, you may experience little or no pain at all. Youd be able to go back to your daily routine the day after.

Banding surgery, on the other hand, can be discomforting during and after the hemorrhoid surgery. Within a week or so, your hemorrhoids will easily fall off, and the pain or discomfort will go with it. Pain and discomfort from banding surgery will take only a few days. The most difficult and painful method would be hemorrhoid surgery by incision. After surgery, you may have to be confined in the hospital for a few more days for recovery and pain management.

It may be quite a challenge to get things back to normal after hemorrhoid surgery. Antibiotics are usually prescribed and youll definitely be adjusting to a new diet. Its important that you keep a neutral diet until your bowel movement goes back to normal. The adjustment period may take long, but the modern methods of surgery may allow you to recover and adjust quickly.

The good thing about hemorrhoid surgery is that the condition is less likely to reoccur. In case the hemorrhoids do come back, the signs will be very obvious and it will be easier to control, prevent, and treat them. The whole surgery thing may not sound like a very pleasant experience, but it does have great benefits to offer you in return.

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